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International Tie-Up


(A Czech Republic based Company)

The production program of FARMTEC includes development, manufacture, delivery and installation of the complete technological units for :

Cattle Breeding, Milking , Pigs breeding Poultry breeding, Sheep and Goats breeding, storage of Manure, Bio gas plants, Using the Residual heat from BGP, Post harvest lines.

FARMTEC not only launches several new products on the market every year, but also updates and modernizes its time-proven ones. FARMTEC has enrich their range with high-quality goods of foreign suppliers and provide sale of various products, parts, small equipments, devices etc.



Olmix Group was born at the heart of Brittany, in Brehan (France) from the will to find natural alternatives to additives in agriculture. Founded in 1995 by Nerve Balusson, the company has become one of the main specialists of green tech worldwide. For more than 15 years, Olmix Group has been involved in the valorization of algae, basing its philosophy on the belief that they are the new " blue gold". Olmix Group's logo is more than just a symbol, since algae is the perfect representation of a better life. Olmix Group offers natural solutions made with trace elements, clay and red, green and brown algae. The company proposes a new vision of the additive based on a revolutionary technology with strong prospects for economic development that respects the environment.


Olmix has developed a fully innovative process to respond to the challenge of processing marine algae. This starts from harvesting, washing and grinding to hydrolysis and extraction steps to obtain the final concentrates. Olmix Group's know-how lies in the biorefinery technology, allowing the extraction of specific algal fractions or molecules to reveal their versatile activities. Collection

AT Immune Inc.

(A South Korea based Company)

AT is a specialist to manufacture animal immune feed supplements. functional feed and consult feed formulation.

A new concept feed supplement formulated for immune enhancer of swine, poultry. ruminant and pet to enable better nutrient utilization, resulting In more high quality meat, eggs or milk with lower total costs.

It is formulated through bioconversion technology to boost the immunity to help the livestock prevent, recover from viral disease, and maximize the vaccine effect as well as minimize the side effect of vaccine